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It’s official. The Sound of Glass was released in May.   If my count is right that is novel number 16 for Karen White in almost as many years.  Karen is a prolific writer.  I’ve penned two novels in two years, but I can’t imagine keeping that pace up over the next decade, but I’m tempted and inspired.

Besides prolific, Karen’s books have a huge following and unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you’ll know they are practically guaranteed to be best sellers.  And, she’s committed to four more novels with her current publisher.  How’s that for pressure?

I had the great fortune to meet Karen in 2014 by accident, though our paths crossed several times before, proving there’s a nugget of truth to the concept of six degrees of separation.  We both attended the same college (though yes, years apart), we both spoke to the Atlanta Writers Club on the same day in 2014, were featured a month apart in Southern Writers Magazine (okay, so Karen was on the cover and I was buried twenty pages back), and were asked by a mutual friend to moderate a fall fashion line launch.   Karen is someone you meet once yet feel you’ve known forever — I’m not sure where that comes from, but I’ll attribute it to her southern roots.

Karen writes “southern women’s fiction” or what she has dubbed grit lit — and yes in each of her novels you’ll find women with big hearts and souls of hard metal.  It’s a delectable combination and clearly hits the mark.  Her titles The Girl on Legare Street, On Folly Beach, and The Time Between reached the NY Times Best Seller Lists in 2009, 2010, and 2013, respectively.  Introduced to Karen’s writing through A Long Time Gone in 2014, I have a lot of catching up to put a small dent on the list of 15.  While writing my third!

I am delighted and proud to say that Karen agreed to endorse my novel, Postcards from Wonderland.  My Revere Beach, Massachusetts setting is about as far away as you can get from Karen’s low country, but I like to think our characters are crafted from the same clay (and ink).

Read more about Karen White here:  www.karen-white.com