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Installment #2 in a series of posts on uses of the phrase Postcards from Wonderland.

Emily Clark Hydrangeas

Emily Clark. In a 2014 Post to http://www.rookiemag.com

While trolling the internet before the release of my novel titled Postcards from Wonderland, I happened on several delightful watercolors by an artist named Emily Clark.  The paintings were featured in a 2014 post on rookiemag.com under the headline Postcards from Wonderland with the caption “handmade mementos of a summer gone by.”

Rookie, the online website, claims to be a venue for teenage girls.  The artist was a teenager in 2014, but she was no rookie.  She painted scenes from a summer spent with her best friend’s family on Block Island off the coast of Rhode Island.  The watercolors are captivating and evoke memories of my own travels though I’ve never visited Block Island. Emily reveals that she lives/lived in Oak Park, Illinois and is a lover of fish and little watercolor landscapes but nothing else.

Seven of Emily’s watercolors are displayed.  They include renderings of the ferry servicing Block Island, lobster buoys dangling from hooks on the side of Finn’s restaurant, and hydrangeas in full bloom alongside the Old Town Inn.  From the moment I studied the muted colors, inked whorls, dots, and circles, and idyllic scenes, I’ve been desperately seeking Emily.  I have yet to stumble on a promising lead.  But I will keep looking, and half hope that this post will somehow find her and discover that she is painting still today.

View the post here:  http://www.rookiemag.com/2014/02/postcards-from-wonderland/