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aly and sue

Paul Coehlo said it’s part of the human condition to want to share things—thoughts, ideas, opinions.  At least, that’s what the web says Paul Coehlo said.

I’ve designated this decade as the decade of sharing.  And, though I’m quite sure sharing in its current manifestation originated more than ten years ago, to me it seems to have escalated of late, perhaps along with the rise of social media.  Facebook may be to blame, though I vaguely remember participating in a precursor “myspace.”  By most standards, I came late to the game, having created a Facebook page a year or two ago when I set up a business page to reach writers and readers and editors and publishers.  Still, I’m a reluctant sharer and often astonished at what some choose to post on their pages.  Perhaps it’s the word “post” which sounds innocuous, far less ominous than “share” which borders on “reveal” or “expose.”

After Facebook came Twitter, more sharing albeit in bite-sized chunks, and Pinterest, and Instagram.  Who knows where it will end.

The phenomenon of sharing, however, has allowed me to find others who, like me, have taken the phrase Postcards from Wonderland for their own.  My third find in this quest (see posts #1 March 22, 2015 and #2 May 26, 2015) was Sue and Alison’s blog, A Postcard from Wonderland.  In their blog, the two young women share thoughts about their day to day lives as they once would have done through handwritten letters sent in the mail and more recently though email.  Both, for all intents and purposes, would have been private communications.

Reading their posts is a guilty pleasure, like the time I read my sister’s diary—what was she thinking, that a tiny latch would keep her most intimate ten year old thoughts from prying eyes?  It was a temptation I couldn’t resist.  So here now are the private words of two friends on view for all.

Sue and Alison once lived near each other in Canada but today are separated by many miles; Sue lives in Geneva and Alison in Belfast.  Still they share several interests.  They both love stumbling on artistic treasures for the home, whether they found the items in flea markets, antique stores, or thrift shops, or handmade by friends or relatives.  In small, self-created postcards, they share images of their finds, snapshots of their worlds, and intimate photos of family, including a number of a pregnant Sue with her mother and months later, Sue’s infant in arms and Alison’s son at various stages and poses.

I thank Sue and Alison for sharing and for giving all their followers a view into their lives.  I hope they keep the correspondence going—one day it will amount to a book, if books survive, where two women share their hopes and fears, successes, and failures, life as it comes to them head on.

Until then, “Back to Porridge” a phrase Alison says she learned in Northern Ireland.  It means, “Back to Work” or in my case, “Back to Writing”.

Thank you ladies.  You can visit their blog … here:  A Postcard from Wonderland