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Postcards from Wonderland.  The title of a blog, and a website, and a Pinterest board and Instagram site and Facebook page and email address.  Three words to inform about wondrous things.  Or as Marta Mela and Angie Grau, owners of the various postcards-from-wonderland sites, put it “las maravillas particular”, literally special wonders.

Special wonders indeed.  The two young women live in Barcelona and are coworkers as well as lifelong friends.  On their sites, as I suspect they do in real life, they share the many things that fascinate them all artfully photographed and described.

It’s not hard to find something that appeals.  The sites run the gamut from decor to dress, from travel captured in the bold sea-washed colors of the Mediterranean, lavender fields, warm hues of sunset, and lush greens of rain forests to cuisine.  Numerous shots of inviting place settings, bowls of steaming mussels or golden sweet potato soups discovered and indulged in favorite corners of their city.

Besides blogging, both women are writers as well.  Angie keeps a log of the things she wants to do in life, marking them off as she meets her goals.  Marta’s the photographer and journalist.  She claims her journal is where she stores thoughts that pop into her head so she won’t forget them–as if there’s any danger in that as she’s rarely shown without her camera.

Like Marta, I have a passion for photography.  The scenes from four vintage postcards of the actual Wonderland Park are included on the pages of my novel.  I had to scour the internet for them, but collected a few and persuaded my publisher to include the four as introductions to parts of the book.  And, I maintain a second blog and second website that focus on photography, marrying my passions for writing, travel, and photography.  Mostly these sites are for my reflection whereas Marta and Angie share their lives with each other and the world.

In a recent post I found hints of an addition to their world.  Angie’s new baby.  As you might expect from these prolific bloggers, the event has spawned posts and photos and thoughts about a new life and the promise that brings.

Here’s hoping the newest member of the Postcards from Wonderland family will find many special wonders ahead.

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